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What is the STEMBALL?

PRODIGY’s STEMBALL is a 1-day event hosted by the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center on March 23, 2019. The event focuses on the intersection of sports and STEM, with the goal of using sports to encourage more youth to engage in the pursuit of STEM education and careers.

What is the cost of registration?

Registration costs $500 per team. Registration includes access to the event, 25 tickets to a Nets game, a college mentor to assist with the project, and access to an online sports and STEM education program developed by EVERFI, world-renowned leaders in education technology.

Who is eligible to participate?

The STEMBALL is open to students in grades 3-12. This includes:

  • Public schools
  • Private/independent schools
  • After school programs
  • Organizations/community groups
  • Church groups
  • Sports teams
  • Youth groups
  • Home schooled youth

Everyone on the team must be a student in grades 3-12. If you are a parent with a child (or children) who would like to participate, but is not affiliated with any of the above, your child is also eligible.

Do students need to play sports to participate?

No. STEMBALL is open to all youth regardless of athletic ability or participation. However, we definitely also encourage coaches and educators to use this as a way to engage student-athletes off the court/field.

What types of projects are eligible?

Projects must incorporate sports and science, technology, engineering, and/or math.

When is the registration deadline?

Early bird registration ends on January 12. All entries must be finalized (including receipt of payment) no later than February 2, 2019.

Can we register more than 1 team?

Yes. You may register as many teams as you’d like.

How many students can be on a team?

Teams may have a maximum of 20 students per team. Team members can include those working on the project as well as those assisting in other roles – including: designing team banners or t-shirts or documenting the project.

How will projects be judged?

Projects will be judged by a panel of volunteers with backgrounds in sports and STEM. Judges will be assessing the project’s creativity, originality, adherence to the theme of sports x STEM, and enthusiasm of students.

I’m concerned my school/organization won’t be able to compete against teams with higher budgets.

No idea is too big or too small. We’re looking for imagination and substance. We are interested in ingenuity, enthusiasm, effort, and creativity. Most importantly, we want to be sure that these projects are driven by the students. The STEMBALL is about more than the competitive aspect of the showcase – it’s an opportunity for ALL youth to have fun and learn from each other.

Which Nets game are the tickets for?

Teams will receive additional information on how to select the game they’d like to attend after registration.

Can we purchase additional tickets to the Nets game?

Yes. Participating STEMBALL teams will have access to group rates for additional Nets tickets.

How can our school/organization be featured?

PRODIGY will feature select teams as well as their host school/organization in our newsletter, on our social feeds and potentially as part of partner content. Features will focus on the team’s preparation for and participation in the STEMBALL, as well as the stories behind the team and its ideas. Think along the lines of profiles of athletes.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. Contact us at with clear and concise information regarding everything you need to complete payment.

We need an invoice.

Select the purchase order/invoice option at checkout. We will automatically forward an invoice to all schools/organizations that elect to pay by check. The invoice will be directed to the email address used to register.

What will students be doing at the STEMBALL?

Students will showcase their projects for a panel of judges. After the showcase is complete, students will be able to demo their projects for other students/guests, as well as participate in demos from companies, educators, sports teams, and partners.

Are there divisions? How will this be organized?

Once registered, teams will automatically be placed in the appropriate division based on grade level. Grade levels are GRADES 3-5, GRADES 6-8, and GRADES 9-12.

On the day of the event, teams may select which category they would like to enter their project. The categories are PRODUCT, HEALTH, DATA, and DIGITAL.

For example, a team of 8th graders will be placed in the GRADES 6-8 division at registration, and on the day of the event may elect to compete in the HEALTH category. The team would compete against other HEALTH projects developed by 6-8th graders.

We have students of different grade levels interested in competing on the same team.

Teams with students in multiple divisions will be placed in the higher division. For example, if you have four 5th graders and three 7th graders, your team will compete in the Grade 6-8 division.

How big will our table/booth be?

Tables will be 5-7 feet. Please let us know if you need additional space.

Can we bring signage?

Yes. Schools/organizations are encouraged to engage other students through design of banners representing their team/school/organization.

Do you offer resources or programming in sports and STEM?

Yes. If your school is interested in sports-based youth development programming on or off the court/field, please let us know at We can also direct you to resources for professional development, STEM kits, etc.

Is our project eligible if we purchase a STEM kit?

Yes, as long as your project still displays a level of creativity and originality. If you are using a STEM kit, work with students to take it a step further and expand their ideas.

Can we bring additional students/spectators who aren’t on a team?

Yes. Parents and spectators are welcome to attend. However, your school/organization is solely responsible for your students, staff, parents, and all other spectators. Please also note that for the demo portion of the event, the experience of the students is our top priority. Therefore, we politely ask that adults not hog the demos.

Can we ship our project to the Barclays Center in advance?

No. Teams are responsible for transportation, set up, breakdown, and clean up of their own projects. We are also not responsible for any lost or damaged projects on the day of the event.

Who is watching our project while we visit the other demos?

We suggest teams have enough students/staff to have 2-3 individuals remain at the table to showcase their project while the rest visit the other demos in shifts.

Can a student enter as an individual? What is the minimum number of students per team?

Yes. Students are more than welcome to enter as individuals. Thus the minimum number of students per team is 1. As a reminder, the maximum number of students is 20.

Who/what is PRODIGY?

PRODIGY runs programs and events that empower youth to define and own their dreams by leveraging sports as a spark for academic, social, professional, and athletic achievement. Our organization is led by experienced youth development professionals who love to play/coach, but are also interested in the many ways sports intersects and influences society, business, technology, and culture. We believe that it simply isn’t good enough to use sports solely to teach youth how to be athletes, when sports is an $80 billion industry in the United States alone. To learn more about PRODIGY, please visit

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